Corrado Monti

New paper: A Network Model Characterized by a Latent Attribute Structure with Competition

Included in my PhD thesis.

Paolo Boldi, Irene Crimaldi, and Corrado Monti.

Information Sciences 354 (2016): 236–56.

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New paper: Liquid FM: Recommending Music through Viscous Democracy

Paolo Boldi, Corrado Monti, Massimo Santini, and Sebastiano Vigna.

Italian Information Retrieval Workshop, 2015.

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New paper: Modelling Political Disaffection from Twitter Data

Corrado Monti, Alessandro Rozza, Giovanni Zappella, Matteo Zignani, Adam Arvidsson, and Elanor Colleoni.

Proceedings of the Second International Workshop on Issues of Sentiment Discovery and Opinion Mining (WISDOM '13), KDD 2013 Workshop, ACM.

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