Corrado Monti

Nice to meet you!

I am a researcher at CENTAI, a new research institute in Turin.

Before working here, I was a postdoc at ISI Foundation in Turin, and before that I lived in Berlin and Zürich — where I worked on engineering machine learning applications — and in Milan – where I got my PhD in Computer Science.

Here you can find a list of my articles.

I throw random thoughts on Twitter, software projects on GitHub, and musical itches here.

My Research

At CENTAI, I develop new ways to use model-driven machine learning to better understand social, political, and economic phenomena.

Models are used in the social sciences to encode interpretations of the world — machine learning can make them predictive and testable. For instance, I investigate how to integrate theory-driven agent-based models with empirical data, in economics or opinion dynamics. Or, how to develop information propagation models that can learn the complexity of political ideologies. Or, how probabilistic network models can help us understand if echo chambers in social media are the norm or over-hyped.

I use these tools to study how social media affects opinions and behaviors. Probabilistic models are very helpful in analyzing cross-party interactions and opinion change. Also, I am interested in political alienation and how the far-right uses social media.

You can write me an email to know more.

For students

If you are a Master's or PhD student interested in working together on these topics, please get in touch! We have openings and projects, both in Turin and remote.