My name is Corrado Monti, and I currently live in Berlin. Here, I am a Machine Learning Scientist at xbird.

I was a PhD student in Computer Science in University of Milan, precisely at LAW. There, I've worked with Paolo Boldi and Sebastiano Vigna. My PhD thesis was focused on designing models and algorithms for mining complex networks. Here you will find my PhD thesis, a short abstract, and some slides. During my PhD, I've worked also on machine learning, and computational social science (for example liquid democracy). You can find my list of publications on Scholar. I was also selected as a visting PhD for the Google Search team in Zurich; there I've worked on named entity recognition for the Knowledge Graph.

In 2013, I graduated cum laude in Computer Science, after a thesis about automatically measuring political phenomena on Twitter: here you'll find more infos about it. In 2010, I realized my bachelor thesis instead: for that and other "little" old projects, take a look in this section. I publish more recent software projects on GitHub.

I am curious about a lot of things, such as computing, people, comic books, science, philosophy, history, politics and dinosaurs.

I love free software, free culture, and openness; I enjoy reading and editing Wikipedia.

Everyone loves music. Personally, I struggle to listen to as much good music as I can. Also, I try to make up some good tunes by myself, with my bass guitar, with Ableton Live, playing some synth or tapping my fingers on the desk.